Seeking Industry Ambassadors: Do we have what it takes to inspire you?

Posted by Stephanie Fox on Aug 17, 2018 10:13:00 AM

These days who doesn't read all the online reviews of a product before they buy? We place a lot of trust in other buyers, listening to their experiences as we make our own purchasing decisions. What is it that inspires someone to share their buying experiences? Not only do prospective buyers want to know what you think, so does the company you buy from.

At Director's Choice, we love to hear feedback from our directors, and we share your great travel and festival stories with our new customers, so they can get to know us, too. But consider how much more powerful your stories are when you share them first hand.

Staring now, when you share your great experiences as a Director's Choice customer or adjudicator with your friends and colleagues who don't know us, we will title you an official Ambassador of the company and reward you for your referrals.

Our new Ambassador Referral Program allows you to refer & earn in 3 easy steps:

  • Give us the name of a friend or colleague who travels or attends festivals and is not a current Director's Choice customer and help us connect with them.
  • If our products and services are a good fit for your referral’s needs, we will send them a custom proposal.
  • As soon as a proposal is sent to your referral, we send you a gift card based on that proposal as a thank you for recommending us.

When you are inspired by us, please share. Your confidence in our work is our greatest reward. Please consider becoming a Director’s Choice Ambassador. Visit with your travel consultant or click here for more information.

Refer and Earn - Find out more about our Ambassador Referral Program

Director’s Choice does not engage in ‘kickbacks’ or the payment of referral fees related to a music program being managed or directed by the person making the referral. We appreciate the encouragement of your direct associates to utilize our services, but Director’s Choice rigorously respects the spirit of school district anti-collusion policies. No teacher, parent, or administrator will be compensated for successful referrals made related to a program he/she directly supervises.

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