An Update from Director’s Choice

Posted by Zac Miller on Apr 16, 2020 9:10:35 AM

Dear Directors and Group Leaders,


Just as the ongoing pandemic has impacted all aspects of you and your students’ daily life, it has also impacted the entire travel and tourism industry, no matter how large or small the business. Although our team is working from home, the Director’s Choice staff has been working tirelessly on your behalf to resolve cancelled performances and tours.


As one of our valued performance groups, we want you to know we are also working with many of your colleagues with trips ranging from attendance at our Music Across Texas events to complex overnight trips in world-class venues. Each trip can involve as many as 20 different vendors, each with their own policies for cancellations and refunds. Although your specific trip or performance may not involve as many moving parts, we want to financially serve all of our clients as equitably as possible. We appreciate your patience as this is going to take time.


Normally, cancellations and refunds would be much easier. With shutdowns, quarantines, furloughs, and layoffs, some vendors are slow to respond and a few aren’t answering our requests at this time, much less processing refunds. We have many clients just like you, and we are unwinding the previous 18 months of work as quickly as possible. We understand the frustration you feel during this stressful time and we assure you we are working diligently to financially resolve the cancellations as soon as we can.


While every client’s performance and trip is different, we also want you to understand the process we are currently undertaking as a company. The included infographic from the Student Youth Travel Association explains what we have been doing on behalf of all our clients. We are working through this process and are committed to ensuring what we offer you is fair and equitable. Our goal is to exceed our contract terms for you and your students.


Director’s Choice started as a music festival company and its core mission has been to support music educators and their students. We continue to serve the music education community through our multiple performance opportunities for you and your students. Again, thank you for your continued patience as we work expeditiously to provide our clients with information and resolutions.


Thank you for your patience.