Customizable Contemporary Dance Class with Gibney DANCE

Posted by Susan Epstein on Apr 24, 2019 9:43:55 AM

Gibney Dance, founded in 1991 by choreographer Gina Gibney, is a multi-faceted dance organization occupying two locations in New York City.  Gibney's Group Study program is a great addition to a dance group’s New York City travel itinerary. Students in the Group Study Program learn from Gibney’s renowned faculty and working artists during their stay, in a range of contexts: master classes, panel discussions, workshops and more. This experience is ideal for groups from schools looking to learn about the NYC contemporary dance scene. Residencies are 100% customizable and can range from one class, to one day, to two days or longer.


Technique & Repertory Classes Choose from the dozens of technique classes offered daily at Gibney, or arrange private master classes.

Community Action Master Classes Experience workshops which explore movement as a tool for change and empowerment, based on Gibney Dance Company’s work with survivors of intimate partner violence and the Artist as Agents of Change program.


Audition Workshops:  Mock auditions with working artists allow students to develop the skills and confidence to audition for college programs or find dance work in New York City

Panel Discussions:  Private panel discussions are offered covering topics such as: Choreographers & Auditions; Arts & Social Justice; Living and Working in the Arts; Going to College to Dance, and more.

The Harkness Center for Dance Injuries and Career Transition for Dancers also offer panels focused on Injury Prevention and Making a Living in Dance.

Digital Technology Initiative Workshops Gibney’s Digital Technology Initiative offers workshops exploring sound design, projections, and incorporating digital technology into artistic practice.


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Photo Credit: Gibney/Scott Shaw