5 insider tips to planning the big trip

What every director should know about travel planning for the band, choir, or orchestra

Whether the BIG trip is an overnight stay a few hours from home or a week long adventure across the country, there are 5 key considerations you must know before you go anywhere with your students. 


  • Destination- Ask yourself, what is the purpose  of the trip.


  • Advocacy- Who can I trust with travel details?  What happens if something goes wrong?


  • Approval-Do you need help navigating your school or district's approval process?  You may be surprised how your travel company can assist you.


  • Customized payment plans and individual billing can alleviate much of the the money stress associated with travel.


  • Launch- Launch your travel plans for the group with some fun and flair. Let us help you build excitement and get commitments. 

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Tip for planning the Big Trip