Travel Protection: Is It Worth It?

Posted by Travel Insured International on Apr 3, 2018 10:42:00 AM

Travel protection is a great way to help protect your travel plans and investment. Coverage ranges from Trip Cancellation to Baggage Delay to Medical Evacuation. But is it worth it? Check out some of the most commonly asked questions.

Is it expensive?

Plans are actually very affordable! In fact, our group plans have non-age based pricing, meaning they are based on trip cost alone. Sometimes it can be helpful to divide the plan cost by the number of days in your trip to visualize what it could cost “per day.” Most people feel better about purchasing when they see that price broken down. (Example: A $100 plan for a 7 day trip would equate to about $14 per day.*)

I have travel coverage through other sources. Do I need travel protection?

Many people have some travel coverage through their credit cards, but it is usually way more limited than an extensive travel protection plan. One of the best things about travel insurance is the worldwide coverage. Your personal health insurance may not be able to offer coverage outside of the U.S. and medical expenses can be pricey! 

Will my claim get paid?

It’s always important to know what coverage you purchased. Sometimes it’s best to talk to a Customer Care representative on the phone to clarify the coverage you’re about to purchase. At Travel Insured, we want to help pay your claim, but it’s important to read your Plan Document to fully understand the coverage.

Is it easy to purchase a plan?

Purchasing is easy! Talk to your travel professional to find the right plan for you and the rest is simple. We’re available for coverage questions 24/7 at 1-800-243-3174. Mention that you’re a customer of Director’s Choice (or agency #48539).

I’m only concerned about flight delays and cancellations. Won’t the airline have my back?

Not always. Airlines try their best to get you on another flight, but they typically don’t cover expenses for hotels and meals when you’re stuck for an extended period. Especially when the weather causes a stoppage, it’s unlikely the airline will give out vouchers to every passenger.

What makes Travel Protection a good choice?

We take pride in our superior customer service team and our extensive plan options. Travel Insured was founded as a family company, and over 20 years later we still live by the founding family values. We want to make sure you’re choosing the right plan for your trip and can work with you to find that fit.

 To find out more about Travel Insured’s plans, visit with your Director's Choice Travel Consultant.  Find the right plan for your trip.


*These numbers are for demonstration purposes only and do not represent any specific plan.

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