Snap it, Map it and remember your trip with the New Group travel video app

Posted by Erin M. Grigson on Apr 2, 2019 8:47:15 AM

Student group travel is all about creating and preserving once-in-a-lifetime experiences, and there’s no way better way to do that than utilizing the Group Travel Video app available as an add on to any Director’s Choice Trip. Whether you’re looking to capture memories or to virtually tag along with a traveling group, here are just a few reasons to consider adding the Group Travel Video Program as an enhancement to your trip.

The new messaging and mapping feature.
Knowing that safety was a primary concern for traveling teachers and directors, Group Travel Videos incorporated new mapping and messaging capabilities into their app. This new enhancement allows you as the director to see where your students are while on tour and gives you the ability to message an individual (“Tom, please return to the bus immediately”) as well as the ability to send an announcement to the whole group in case of an emergency or change of plans, making communication between the group leader and the whole group almost seamless.

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You can keep track of your trip documentation.
In addition to the mapping and messaging, all your documents, from itineraries to performance schedules to rooming lists, can be uploaded and will appear on the documentation tab in the app, allowing you to have all your information at your fingertips when you need it.

Parents can virtually travel along.
If parents ever wanted to window into their student’s school trip, this is their chance. Through the app, parents and guardians back home can follow along with the group by viewing photos uploaded in real time. There are never any email addresses or phone numbers required to use this app as it uses a secure password protected login.

At login, it will ask “going on the trip” or “follow along at home.” Selecting the “follow along” option allows parents to see photos that are uploaded in real time. Each student that uploads a photo will have their name posted below giving them credit for the picture and discouraging any photos that may be offensive or inappropriate.


The keepsake video everyone wants? Group Travel Video will make it for you.
Whether they’re taken on smartphones or with a digital camera, Group Travel Video uses the photos taken while traveling and edits, color corrects, eliminates duplicates and sets them to special effects. As an added bonus, if you’re a performing group, you can submit your own performance music or live video clips to be added for no charge. These videos can also be an invaluable recruiting tool for any upcoming performance trips or your future ensemble.

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Ready to get started with the Group Travel Video app? Ask your Director’s Choice travel consultant about adding the Group Travel Video program to your travel package!


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