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At Director's Choice, we know that travel planning can be overwhelming. We have created this extensive library of student travel videos to cover the most important things to keep in mind when creating a memorable performance and travel experience for your students.



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Travel Tips

Travel Tip #191: Accept Help

Travel Tips - Accept Help

Travel Tip #24: Call the Professionals

Travel Tips - Call the Professionals

Travel Tip #54: Check, Check, and Double Check

Travel Tips - Double Check

Travel Tip #133: Get It in Writing

Travel Tips - Get it in Writing

Travel Tip #3: Make the Memories

Travel Tips - Make Memories

Travel Tip #18: Never Travel Alone

Travel Tips - Never Travel Alone

Travel Tip #204: Sell the Trip

Travel Tips - Sell the Trip

Travel Tip #223: Be Prepared

Travel Tips - Be Prepared

Travel Tip #76: Cap Your Numbers

Travel Tips - Cap Your Numbers

Travel Tip #163: Get Buy In

Travel Tips - Get Buy In

Travel Tip #149: Keep It in the Family

Travel Tips - Keep in Family

Travel Tip #9: Motivate Your Students

Travel Tips - Motivate Students

Travel Tip #62: Remain Flexible

Travel Tips - Remain Flexible

Travel Tip #109: Vet Your Vendors

Travel Tips - Vet Vendors

TRAVEL BID EVALUATION: Are you Getting the Best Trip for the Best Price?

We want to earn your business because we are the best fit for your band, choir, orchestra or dance group's travel needs. Our goal is to present you with the trip you asked at a price point that is affordable for your students.  But, we also understand the need to request multiple trip proposals and spend time comparing and contrasting them to ensure you make the best possible choice to meet your program goals.  

To help you in this bid analysis process, we've outlined questions you should ask any travel company to ensure you know exactly what you are getting for the quoted price.   

Whether you travel with Director's Choice or not, we want to help you make the best choice for your next trip.  #itsjustwhatwedo

Ask #1: Quad Occupancy


Ask #3: Motorcoach

Motor Coach

Ask #5: Hotel


Ask #7: Airfare


Ask #2: Payments and Cancellations


Ask #4: Insurance


Ask #6: Deposit


Ask #8: Meals


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