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    by Erin M. Grigson on 14 May 2019


    From daydreaming about your destination to relentless researching restaurants to crafting your ideal itinerary, there’s nothing like the anticipation...

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    Student Group Travel, Overnight Travel, Student Travel

    by Erin M. Grigson on 2 April 2019

    Snap it, Map it and remember your trip with the New Group travel video app

    Student group travel is all about creating and preserving once-in-a-lifetime experiences, and there’s no way better way to do that than utilizing the...

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    Overnight Travel, Student Travel

    by Rachel Horvitz on 26 February 2019

    The Midwest Clinic: Music Education as Cultural Value

    Hear from our contributor Rachel Horvitz, Hill Country Middle School Orchestra Director and Midwest Clinic veteran, about what its like to be a...

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    Overnight Travel, Student Travel

    by Jon Locke on 5 November 2018

    Ethical Practices or Just Profit?

    When Director’s Choice was founded in 1996, I was still an active music educator in the classroom at a high school in West Texas. My focus was on...

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    Trip Safety, Safe Itinerary, ethics, Travel Finances, Overnight Travel, Student Travel

    by Paul Davis on 4 October 2018

    Navigating the rose parade and avoiding the thorns

    It's a celebration more than a century old – a festival of flowers, music and sports unequaled anywhere else in the world. It's America's New Year...

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