Top Four Reasons to Book A Festival Performance For Your Students

Posted by Erin Grigson on Aug 7, 2019 3:31:02 PM

We already know that student travel is transformational. It increases cultural awareness, positively impacts personal development, education and career. Student travel is also an effective teaching tool that elevates and complements classroom instruction, and as a music educator, there’s no better way to do that than marrying travel with performance. Here are four practical ways festival performances can impact your program. 

Retention and Recruitment 
Whether you’re just taking a day trip or traveling overnight, including a festival performance into your school calendar can be an effective way to recruit and retain students in your program. Not only does it give students something to look forward to, but success in competing can be a big factor in student enjoyment of their burgeoning craft. Even if you’re not competing, just showcasing what your students are capable of can be a big confidence boost. See what our clients have to say about performing in a Director's Choice festival


Valuable Feedback
You know your group’s strengths and weaknesses better than anyone else, but self-assessment can only get you so far. Booking a festival performance for your group is a fantastic way to source feedback from experienced adjudicators. Allowing a third party to assess your group’s performance is a great way to identify areas of improvement as well as areas where your group is truly excelling. 


Healthy Competition
It’s been said that a rising tide lifts all ships, and it’s especially true of healthy competition. Competition allows us to keep raising the musical bar and it can be an incubator for growth and for learning. If you’re looking to get better, set goals or need an objective means of measurement, a competitive festival can be the perfect catalyst. 

A Chance to Experience and Support Other Groups
Whether you’re participating in a competitive or non-competitive festival, if possible, consider staying and watch another group’s performance. Hear what others are doing, listen to different interpretations, let the middle school kids see what they have to look forward to in high school, let the high school kids reminisce on how far they’ve come by supporting a middle school group. No matter the situation, it can be a positive learning experience for all.

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