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by Erin Grigson on 24 October 2019

See Our Showcase of Music Venues For 2020

If you're looking for a band, choir or orchestra festival performance opportunity for your high school or middle school group that's heavy on the...

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by Erin Grigson on 21 October 2019

Meet Our Showcase of Music Festival Judges

Whether you’d like to take your choir to Corpus Christi or showcase your band in San Antonio, festival performances can have a positive impact on...

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Music Festivals, Performance Options, festival performance

by Erin Grigson on 7 August 2019

Top Four Reasons to Book A Festival Performance For Your Students

We already know that student travel is transformational. It increases cultural awareness, positively impacts personal development, education and...

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by Erin M. Grigson on 29 May 2019

An Inside Look at Festival Musicale

Have you heard we’re offering a brand new youth chorus event this year? Held in downtown San Antonio, Texas, Festival de Musicalé will offer two days...

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by Madison Locke Chester on 18 December 2018

The Music Festival Experience

It’s Performance Day! Whether you are a first-year teacher, 10-year veteran or a performing student, performance day brings with it a rush of...

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by Alan Hanna on 14 August 2018

Director's Choice and Epic Waters are Making Waves

Make a splash with your band, choir or orchestra program this spring at the newest Music Across Texas festival event at the Epic Waters Indoor...

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Music Festivals, festival performance, Music Across Texas, Epic Waters

by Alan Hanna on 20 February 2018

The Right Performance Builds the Right Vision

As music educators, we all know the value and necessity of performance and festival participation, but with so many choices, how do you know which...

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