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    by Erin M. Grigson on 24 April 2019

    Beyond The Clef With Colonel Palmatier

    As part of our Beyond the Clef Legacy Series, we are honored to sit down with Colonel Thomas Palmatier, the retired commander of the United States...

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    Marching Band, Industry, Music Education

    by MUSIC & ARTS on 16 January 2019

    Preparing Your Band for a Parade

    What do New Year’s Day and Thanksgiving have in common? Parades! While millions of people across the country tune in to the Rose Parade and Macy’s...

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    Marching Band, Performance Travel, Student Group Travel, Parades

    by Jarrett Lipman on 1 September 2017

    Tips on Traveling with a Marching Band

    Our high school marching band has hit the road each year since we opened in 2008. Along the way, I’ve discovered – through trial and error – what...

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